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Connect, Celebrate, Belong:

Soulful Afro-Cultural Adventures

Multi-Day Trips for the African Diaspora to Explore Our Countries & Communities




Finding Black Travel Experiences is HARD

Have you ever been travelling and enjoying a country but you have a moment where you suddenly feel disconnected. You notice the African contribution has been minimized or removed. We get it! For you it’s more than just a's about belonging and connecting with your roots.

We recognize the absence of our people and our stories in tourism. It's time to change this. What's at stake is more than just missing out on unique Afro-cultural experiences; it's missing the chance to deepen your understanding, create meaningful connections and celebrate your heritage.

Trips Designed for You: Filling the Void in Mainstream Travel Experiences

👑 Creating Ancestral Connections

Engage in activities that go beyond surface-level attractions, providing opportunities to connect with our African heritage on a profound level.

🥾 Expert Guides

Journey with guides who understand and appreciate the nuances of our cultural background, ensuring an authentic and enriching exploration.

💸 Diverting Our Travel Dollars

By choosing our tours, you foster economic growth and prosperity within Black communities

📆 Payment Plans Available

Enjoy the flexibility of options. Spread the cost of your trip over time, for easier budgeting, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure!

🌺 Stress Free Travel

Eliminate the hassle of planning; we handle it all! Focus on the journey, not the logistics.

🌍 Afro-centric Itineraries

Take part in activities that honor and celebrate the richness of Afro-culture, creating memories that resonate with our cultural identity.

How to Book in 3 Easy Steps

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         Choose your room and enter contact details

2   Confirm with a Deposit

         Review your details and select  interest-free payment plan.

3   We Take Care of the Rest

              Once confirmed, we handle all the logistics from this point on! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If don’t see your question answered here. Contact us for help

Wherever African culture exists! Right now, we travel to the Caribbean, Central and South America and very soon…the Motherland…Africa! Countries include Colombia, Caribbean Costa Rica, Grenada, Dominica, Barbados. 

$2000-5000 USD

It highly depends on where we are going. Our trips are based on affordable luxury and we go to less travelled places where certain experiences can cost more to access. We are supportive of economic growth in our communities and ensure people are fairly paid.  

The age range  is 35 - 50. We are creating a space for mature like-minded people, if you are out of this range it does not mean you do not fit in. For the adventure, we want to ensure you are physically capable. 

Please contact us if you're unsure about participating in any of the activities listed in the trip itinerary. 

We offer small group sizes so the maximum is 14 people.

Please contact us.

Not a problem, closer to the trip we will collect more information from you so we can find you the right match. 

We understand those feelings. Unlike most group trips this one leaves the chat! You will be with like-minded people, on similar budgets and there for the same enjoy Afro-culture.  Guides are there to help the journey run smoothly.  And we're pretty sure you'll leave with a friend or two, if not more!

Yes! Medical insurance is mandatory for all Experience Escapade trips. We strongly recommend getting travel insurance which will cover lost baggage, flights and the entire trip if unforeseeable circumstances occur.

Yes we do! Payments can be spread across 12, 8, 6 or 4 months. There is no interest or additional fees charged with our payment plans.

Afro-centric means to “focus on or be influenced by Africa or cultures of African origin”.

Our itineraries are focused on highlighting the way the African diaspora has been able to preserve the strong African culture around the world while creating their own. Through activities on our itineraries, including trying local food, listening to different types of music and hearing their stories… you will see firsthand how connected we still are. 

Our tours are designed from scratch. We take Black people to Black countries and communities.  We’ve gone into places, to meet with locals and seek out experiences specifically for you. We offer group travel for people of African descent to bond with each other. Including fellow Escapaders and the cousins we meet along the way. Our goal is to deepen cultural connections in a celebratory and prideful way. 

It will vary depending on the trip. Each trip has an FAQ section, which will let you know the Activity Level Rating

Yes, we will require all dietary restrictions closer to the travel dates. 

The deposits are refundable within 24 hours of booking. After that period the deposit becomes non-refundable. 

We know that life can be unpredictable and plans can change. Our trips are transferable and we highly recommend that you try to  transfer the trip to someone you know. 

Another option would be to attend another trip with us on a later date.

If a refund is required, see below for cancellation fees. 

For trips posted 6 months or less of scheduled dates:

+90 days before trip starts

Fee: Deposit only

89 -  60 days

Fee: Deposit + 50%

Less than 59 days 

Fee: Total booking amount

For trips posted 6 months or more of scheduled dates:

+6 months  before trip starts

Fee: Deposit only

6 months - 90 days

Fee: Deposit + 50%

Less than 89 days

Fee: Total booking amount

Black Women Outside

Meet the Co-Founders

It hasn't been a direct path getting to Experience Escapades. We often reflected on our own travels while listening to the concerns and questions of friends. And at the end of these conversations, we realized their travels didn't always bring the fulfillment they expected. So, we strive to change this, specifically for Black people.

What if we told you, we’ve created a way for Black people to travel together, to Black places solely for the purpose of celebrating Afro-culture. Our multi-day, group trips are more than just sightseeing; it's about connecting, celebrating, and belonging. Every part of our journey, from the interactive experiences to the carefully chosen destinations, is designed to honor and elevate our Afro-heritage.

Welcome to Experience Escapades, where every adventure is a soulful celebration of our roots!

- Nikki Layne & Vanessa Layne, Experience Escapades


Experience Afro-Colombia


August 19 - 25 2024 · 6 nights

Experience Afro-Colombia

Discover the lively culture & hidden rhythms of beautiful Black communities, without the stress of planning every detail

FROM$2,700 /pp

Experience Afro-Colombia


November 18 - 24 2024 · 6 nights

Experience Afro-Colombia

Discover the lively culture & hidden rhythms of beautiful Black communities, without the stress of planning every detail

FROM$2,700 /pp

Experience Grenada


August 13 - 19 2025 · 6 nights

Experience Grenada

Entering Greenzland...The Spice Island of the Caribbean

Coming soon

Coming Soon

Take a look at the exciting trips we've got in the works. If adventure is your thing we got something for you. If it's cultural immersion, we got that too!

Afro-Colombia, Nov 2024

Journey through Colombia's lively culture, starting our escapades in Cali, the "Salsa Capital of the World," before venturing into Cartagena's Afro-Colombian communities filled with rich traditions, while enjoying the natural beauty of the country.

Jamaica Carnival, Apr 2025

Carnival is an experience like no other. From the fetes, to the limin' to carnival day.  Join us as we jump up in one of the many carnivals the Caribbean has to offer!


Embark on a luxurious yachting adventure through Grenada's pristine turquoise waters, hopping from one beautiful island to another, discovering secluded beaches, charming fishing villages and indulging in the finest Caribbean cuisine


Don't be fooled by the small size of this island, with world class beaches, beautiful landscapes and lively nightlife... it's a real jewel of the West Indies. You'll lose yourself in the warm and welcoming vibes of Bajan culture!


Escape to the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean’s “Nature Island” where you can soak in natural hot springs, hike through lush rainforests to discover hidden waterfalls and take a dip in pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters.

*Available upon request

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