From Solo Traveller to Group Explorer: Benefits of Group Travel for BIPOC


Have you travelled solo? Or have you thought about it? How did you make the decision to finally do it on your own? Did you get tired of waiting on friends and family or no one was interested in the places you wanted to see so badly. For some of us, solo travel may seem absolutely terrifying, especially when travelling as a person of colour. So, big up to the ones who pushed through those feelings and did it anyway! For others, the idea of group travel might surprisingly evoke the same fearful emotions as solo travel.

Many BIPOC millennials have decided on solo travel as a way to explore new destinations and gain independence. However, group travel has become increasingly popular among our demographic in recent years due to its unique benefits and advantages. When a solo traveller joins a group, something special takes place. 

One of the primary benefits of gravitating towards group travel is the sense of community and connection it provides. Feeling like we are part of a group or team with a common cause (which may be as simple as having a good time!) We are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. As a member of a group, travellers have the opportunity to bond with others who share their experiences and interests, providing a safe space for authentic connection and companionship. 

A sense of support is provided, whether that’s someone to help you take a picture or encourage you to try a new activity you’ve always been hesitant about. Genuine support can help people to overcome adversity and cope with stress more effectively. This is especially important for travellers of colour, who may face particular challenges and obstacles when travelling alone.

Solo travellers may not be aware they’ve acquired very specific skill sets, knowledge and abilities directly linked to their real life travel experiences. When multiple solo travellers come together in a group setting they are able to exchange valuable travel tips, guidance and information that can enhance the way they travel in the future. 

Group travel also offers a level of safety and security that solo travel cannot always provide. When travelling in a group, individuals have the support and protection of their peers, reducing the risk of potential dangers and making it easier to navigate unfamiliar environments. You are able to relax a bit more and truly enjoy the experience.

A final advantage of group travel is the opportunity to access exclusive experiences and activities that may not be available to solo travellers. Group tours and excursions often provide rare insights and perspectives on local culture and history, allowing travellers to really look deeper into their destinations. These activities may require some kind of team work such as canoeing or double kayaking, which is another opportunity to bond with others in a fun way. I think we can all agree that food is a huge part of enjoying culture. An eating experience with great food is heightened when you pair it with good company to share opinions, laughs and stories with. By simply adding a few people you relate to, a lonesome but delicious dinner turns into a completely different occasion.

Overall, while solo travel remains a valuable option for many BIPOC millennials, group travel offers advantages that cannot be found in solo travel. From building connections to accessing exclusive experiences, group travel provides the community and safety we all deserve while exploring the world. 

Let us know what you are looking forward to most when it comes to group travel?